Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Top Cat joke

A great bit if you ask me from a GREAT '61 cartoon Dibble: "Why don't you guys ever go to work and earn money?" TC answers...


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Glow discharge plasma in ST40

Christian Bradley shows us the glow discharge plasma in the ST40 tokamak and how the colour changes with the pressure in the vacuum vessel.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Democrat or Republican, only insanity in the Middle East


Re: Here's what I mentioned

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Can't label me a partisan, cuz I don't ignore MMTers when they commit strawmen

Tcherneva again lines up a couple of straw men, defeats them, and then proclaims victory. + UPDATE at the bottom
See this. https://twitter.com/ptcherneva/status/869945138319159297

"Cut ppl's bread & gas subsidies, give them small #UBI and wonder why they still need jobs?! Where's the UBI success?"

"Why are you attacking Iran's UBI, when you should be attacking Iran's macro policy?"

"I am not. UBI supporters are circulating it as some kind of evidence that #UBI does not negatively effect labor force participation."

"So was this tweet of yours sarcasm, or did you just contradict yourself now? Quote from Pavlina "Of course labor force doesn't drop. Turns out UBI doesn't empower ppl to opt out, yet jobs are still not there. Double digit unempl for yrs"

"UBI advocates can't have it both ways "UBI liberates ppl from work/post work society". "UBI does not impact LFPR". There's a contradiction."

"That's just PR slogans. You won't find in any serious UBI literature a line that says "Macro fiscal policy doesn't matter under UBI. Under Ceausescu, Romania had a JG. However Ceausescu also imposed austerity. Output was going abroad while people at home went hungry & cold. Was that a failure of the JG, or a failure of macro fiscal policy? The political establishment, owned by the rent seekers, calls the shots."

"We've been over this with you Serban. Romania didn't have a JG. It had mandatory labor. We've explained 1000x that's not what the JG is."

"Minsky's JG was mandatory. I'm not discussing political preferences here. I'm saying Macro policy rules everything else. You can have Universal health care on paper, but if politicians don't pass an adequate budget for health care, people are gonna get screwed. And the problem with employment right/obligation under Ceausescu was not lack of jobs or even lack of pay, but lack of things to purchase. Domestic consumption was rationed."

"Minsky never said such a thing"

"He called food stamps "funny money printing". He explicitly says his WPA program is a SUBSTITUTE, not an add on on unemployment benefits.

"Minsky's analysis of welfare programs/payments is very different from your claim that 'he said JG is mandatory'. This is not going anywhere"

"It's not going anywhere b/c you attacked a bunch of strawmen regarding BIG. As for Minsky, he didn't like welfare period & wanted to end it. That's why I said his employment scheme was mandatory. Either work for the private sector, the Gov sector, or you starve. Neil Wilson and others like this philosophy, and it's their right to have an opinion, as is mine. Have a good day."

"My colleagues and I have written a ton on the JG for over 20 yrs (some even longer). It's no use to try and mis-characterize our work."

"I've talked with some of your colleagues and not all of them support JG as complimentary to welfare checks, but prefer it a substitute. At any rate, I'm not attacking the JG, whether its form is progressive, regressive, or in the middle."

PS: The reason I even touched on the JG with my Ceausescu example was to point out that the JG WASN'T to blame, but austerity was.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Reflections on the state, economic regulation and violence reduction

Rehabilitating Leviathan:
Reflections on the state, economic regulation and violence reduction

Northumbria University, UK and University of Teesside, UK

This article argues that some currently influential liberal-culturalist discourses tend to underplay the direct link between violent street crime, economic marginalization and the more ruthless adaptive aspects of advanced capitalist culture. In doing so they consistently reify the state, misconstrue its social role and represent its decline as a fait accompli. There is also a tendency to misrepresent the relative and moderate success in reducing street violence that it once achieved by using its political mandate to help maintain underlying economic stability above the required threshold. Underneath these discourses is a tacit political endorsement of the global neo-liberal project that is revealed by their collusion in the political neutralization of populations and the delegitimization of the potentially democratic state and its vital role in socio-economic stabilization and violence reduction.

Friday, 19 May 2017

I have a dream...

This graph is for Australia. I've seen similar nrs for the USA, about 30% of GDP is rent seeking. Now, imagine that grey area pledged as taxes. And most of the pink area, if not all, shifting its colour to blue. With the rentier excess charge destroyed, you'd have a lower cost of production and consumption. LVT at or near 100% rate would keep land values stable and fair. You'd probably need a progressive tax on non-rent income that only the opulent minority would qualify to pay. A tax on luxuries and an excise on fossil fuels. Patents ought to be abolished too, as they're just another form of rent seeking. Banking regulated on the asset side, being run as a public utility by the Gov for non-profit (my personal preference). Couple all this with a JG, BIG, Single Payer (or NHS)... Oh, orgasmic...

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

They kill pregnant whales but they won't kill Breivik

It's ok to kill rare peaceful mammals with big brains, but it's not ok to kill Breivik. More so, Breivik needs a bigger cell + all the latest video games. *sigh*

Sweden, the tyranny of the SJWs

Also, here's the reaction of Israel's ambassador to Sweden, and I agree with him https://twitter.com/isaacbachman/status/864434826765578240

Check this out as well

ISRAEL: Sweden has placed Israeli Foreign Ministry and Israel's Ambassador on a Twitter block list for 'hate speech' (Via Jerusalem Post)

Now, that 's MFA and ambassador are blocked - is much safer in reading Iran and others, that were not blocked.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Steve Hall contributes to my recent rant on couch communists

"What the communists didn't grasp, and what today's lazy narcissistic liberal-lefties can't even understand, is that the Enlightenment irrevocably changed human subjectivity - the way we feel and think about the world. Today's 'emotivist' individuals are no longer fit for any form of 'mutual help' society or economy" ~Steve Hall https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/After_Virtue

Friday, 28 April 2017

Hayek & utter stupidity

If you had a fraction of respect for Hayek, this statement of his will erase that.

“It may perhaps be pointed out here that it has, of course, never been denied that employment can be rapidly increased, and a position of ‘full employment’ achieved in the shortest possible time by means of monetary expansion–least of all by those economists whose outlook has been influenced by the experience of a major inflation. All that has been contended is that the kind of full employment which can be created in this way is inherently unstable, and that to create employment by these means is to perpetuate fluctuations.
There may be desperate situations in which it may indeed be necessary to increase employment at all costs, even if it be only for a short period–perhaps the situation in which Dr. Brüning found himself in Germany in 1932 was such a situation in which desperate means would have been justified. But the economist should not conceal the fact that to aim at the maximum of employment which can be achieved in the short run by means of monetary policy is essentially the policy of the desperado who has nothing to lose and everything to gain from a short breathing space.” (Hayek 1975 [1939]: 64, n. 1).