Saturday, 26 December 2015

Brock Peters, his voice is still OP

Brock Peters (the black bloke), my favorite voice actor as I was growing up watching Cartoon Network, in Romania, Bucharest. Even after death, he remains unbeatable.

Debunking a myth around the Lovecraftian mythos

The notion of "Cosmic gods" is not an invention of Lovecraft; the notion is part of many religions and systems of belief, particularly in polytheism and in animist & animatist systems of belief. If we want to talk about preternatural powers, alien life, demons, and cosmic events - such as transporting people to the moon, we must talk about Johannes Kepler's Somnium, a science fiction novel written in 1608. Sagan & Asimov have referred to it as the first work of science fiction.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Some Christmas specials for ya!

Actual historical depiction of Pilate vs the Christian fictitious ones:

Sun, Moon, Jesus! Why Easter is a mutable date, unlike a real historical date: