Saturday, 21 January 2017

A friend shared this story with me

"I was traveling with two women... my partner and her best friend, who is a PhD biologist at our university. I'm at the airports. They were playing the inauguration of Trump, and at one point she mentioned that she was going to the 'women's march' today. Our conversation went something like this:

Her: Tomorrow I'm going to the women's march to protest.

Me: What are you going to be protesting?

Her: Against women's oppression for women's equality.

Me: Where are women oppressed?

Her:'s about women's health issues and against the patriarchy that has prevailed in this country for generations.

Me: Do you have healthcare?

Her: Well, yes, but many women can't afford basic checkups, and we don't want Trump to overturn our rights to abortion.

Me: That's true! But aren't there lots of men who can't afford basic care also? That seems more like a class issue than a gender issue. Where in the country can you not get an abortion for free?

Her: Basic healthcare is more important to women than men, we need it more, and 'planned parenthood' is under attack.

Me: Isn't planned parenthood a privately funded organization?

Her: Well, mostly, but they do get some public funding.

Me: That's great! So we're already giving special funding for women's health, that men don't get. Are there any other areas where women are oppressed today?

Her: Well, women are underrepresented in some fields like engineering and economics.

Me: Aren't men underrepresented in social sciences? Isn't the most powerful economist in the country a woman (Yellen)?

Her: Girls aren't encouraged to go into those fields.

Me: But women outnumber men in almost all universities, does that mean men are oppressed?

Her: 😠well, the march is about providing a voice for oppressed women all over the world, and it shows they're not alone.

Me: That's great! We should encourage the liberation of women everywhere, but would you say that women in westernized countries are severely oppressed?

Her: This election was about misogyny, that is why Trump got elected. I'm going to carry a sign that says, "This pussy grabs back."

Me: But didn't Hillary receive the majority of the popular vote? It seems more like an electoral college anomaly than a statement of patriarchy. Don't women hold power in universities, politics, and corporations?

Her: I'm not sure you understand what women face every day.

Me: Then give me specifics, so I can help you fight against the oppression.

Her: 😡well, it's also about race and fighting white nationalism.

Me: Ahh, ok. I certainly don't want to see that either. But as far as women's rights go, it seems like you should call it the 'Women's Victory March' right?

Her: 🔥😡🔥"


  1. What about wages?

    Women even in top jobs when they get there have to suffer a serious disadvantage on their payslips.

    And how can we justify a segregation against one group by saying that the group that is privileged on these issues is discriminated on other issues for which the first group is privileged.

    It is like (comparing does not prove for sure, but at times...) considering men are discriminated against by nature and society due to the fact they cannot get pregnant, or because they don't have periods.

    Men and women are different but it is not based on these biological or natural differences that women are at times super small minorities in top professions like surgeons, at top echelons of authority like President, when it is not King. And I am not talking of the Rest, only the West. What's the proportion of female bakers, chefs, haute-couture designers (particularly for women), film directors, not to speak of priests in all Christian churches, not to mention Judaism and Islam.

    But it is true women are the (vast?) majority in some professions like prostitution and if men are trying to compete nowadays it is as gay hustlers not as male prostitutes for women customers, women customers who are true enough discriminated against and are a small minority, even in the "escort" business.

    Fascinating supposedly open-minded bigotry. That's why some press media announced the vast success of the surprise movement that no one was expecting.

    Have a good Valentine: it is close by now. And don't play the Trumpet too much. He might get a heart attack, which was called apoplexy in the old days. Too beefy and sanguine to last very long in a stressful situation. Or he does not do anything in the back of his facade.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes. I don't celebrate name days. :))) And if I were, I'd go witness a beheading (online, of course), given St Valentine's life. Women's rights in western countries have improved a lot. The problem is, inequality, overall, has grown to hideous levels. Just compare the figures cited by Marriner Eccles in 51 and contrast them to the present. See here:

  2. The idea is that SJWs peddle exaggerations. For instance, the 77cents on the dollar for equal pay is a myth.