Sunday, 5 February 2017

O'Reilly is garbage, through and through


  1. Forget O'Reilly. The point right now is the constitutional crisis the USA may face if Trump does not back up on his ban on . . . what exactly? His case was rejected as an emergency appeal. Anyway it cannot go to the US Supreme Court because one Justice is missing (and now the democrats are quite justified to filibuster). It may end up in San Francisco. At stake are Amendment 1, Amendment 10, Amendment 14, due course and equal protection. That makes five tracks, purely constitutional tracks, plus then several laws that are negated. So O'Reilly is pussy cat piss as we say in French.

    1. O'Reilly was trying to squeeze a belligerent response from Trump against Russia. I live in the Balkans, I do not want escalation between the US and Russia, cause Europe is the buffer zone. The Eurocrats may think themselves shielded, but that's because they're living in a parallel universe, compared to the average pleb in the Periphery. As far as I know, the US doesn't have any tradition in proscription, and I don't think Trump will be able to change that custom. He is grossly unpopular, and the two favorite parties of the rent seekers are going to oppose him when he starts to go nuts. They impeached Clinton for a lousy blow job, after all.