Sunday, 23 August 2015

Ayn Rand’s philosophy proves Ayn Rand’s concept of Capitalism is false and invalid

Here's a good website I stumbled upon ^_~

According to Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy, a true concept must be observed before it is thought. If there is not a referent (an example) in the real world, the mental concept is false and invalid. According to Ayn Rand, Capitalism is an “unknown ideal”v. A Capitalist economic system has “never yet existed, not even in America”vi. Therefore,
If concepts must be observed and Capitalism has never been observed, then Capitalism is not a concept.
If truth is real and Capitalism has never existed, then Capitalism is not true.
If truth must be experienced and Capitalism is unknown, then Capitalism is not true.
If concepts without referents are invalid and Capitalism does not have a referent in the real world, then Capitalism is an invalid concept.

Friday, 21 August 2015

My 2 cents on Tspiras & Varoufakis...

Tsipras & Varoufakis both CONCEDED the war to the Troika without first waging any battle by taking Grexit off the table. It left them without absolutely no leverage in the negotiations. Why the hell not bring Grexit on the table after great victory over austerity in the OXI vote? It made absolutely no sense. Instead of simulating all this false hope and false negotiations and signing the austerity package, which they both did- though they claimed they didn't believe in it - they should have simply resigned, if they had true moral sense in their bones. But they conceded the war instead of escalating towards a Drachma referendum. All the polls said that the austerity referendum would be 40 vs 43%. A gross manipulation!

The same case I think it's true for return to Drachma polls.

But granted, after you (Varoufakis) spent your years telling people that those advocating Drachma are anti european biggots and that the drachma will bring in hyperinflation, of course you're gonna appear inconsistent with your previous stances.

At the end of the day, Varoufakis is a dishonest intellectual & a failed politician.

Notice, that Varoufakis isn't talking about political instability i.e. armed rebellions or what not, he's just saying that Greece with its own sovereign currency can't work, like in can for Scotland for instance (which he insists that it can )

And as we talked about it before, no one would invade Greece under Drachma regime. Greece would still remain NATO member, would still remain in the EU.

Certain banks might boycott them if they didn't want to honor previous loans - but who cares? The savings of orphans, widows, pensioners, and working class people DIDN'T go to finance the Greek government. ECB simply created those funds via keystrokes & the private banks pocketed the interest acting as middle men.

People advocating that Greece's corruption problems wouldn't help them under Dracham but lead to hyperinflation, is just a bullshit excuse - one I've heard mostly from Greek people thinking that "Oh, you don't live in Greece. You can't possibly know how it is."

An obvious paralogism.

Romania's corruption levels are on par with African countries like Burkina Faso, yet we have our own free floating nonconvertible currency & we've yet to experience hyperinflation. You screw your car's shock absorbers & tires if you travel through our roads. Our bridges are in disrepair, our railways go as fast ad they did in the 40's. Most of the population is in rural areas, which don't have adequate access (or at all) to water, sewer, heat, electricity, and telecommunications.

We're fucking backward as hell - gov spending & taxing efficiency is dismal. We also suffer from organized crime. We suffer from political policing - the judiciary & the intelligentia harassing politicians in power & in opposition for the political gain of others. Yet we still produce & consume output.

So to this particular meme I've seen perpetrated by some Greek folk (including MMTers), it's basically a fatalistic view of things. They're basically saying (without realizing it) - we're too stupid to make it on our own; better remain in the EZ & let the Troika fuck us - at least they know what they're doing & we can complain about it. Also, don't criticize boy-wonder Varoufakis, else they get mad and drop an ad hominem before they block you on Twitter.

Smart phones, tablets, brand clothing & footwear are more important than housing, food, electricity, and heating; that's basically what I hear from pro-Euro POVs & anti-Drachma ones. Oh, you're for Drachma? Then you must be a nationalist, a xenophobe, a racist, and Golden Dawn member or sympathizer. LoL.

PS: Before anyone accuses me of being a hater of Varoufakis, do a little back check on my activities on forums, twitter, and youtube. I defended Greece and Varoufakis' Modest Proposal Ideas many a time & I even defended him as an economist - but he completely disappointed me as a politician & I have EVERY right to complain about it.

Saturday, 1 August 2015