Tuesday, 27 October 2015

My recent ebook promo, results

Alright. Like I promised, here are the results of my ebook promo for An Empire Of Traitors that I ran with 3 services on the 24th of this month. I used The Fussy Librarian, ItsWriteNow.com, and EbooksHabit. Because I used all 3 at once, I can't know which service did the best job or indeed, what job each service did.

Here are the results: 171 + 12 downloads on B&N & 1 on iTunes. (lol)
As you can see, the results weren't very good. I remember the first time I used DBS/BKnights, the 15$ option, I managed to obtain 175 freebie downloads within the first 24h. I've eroded myself for their audience since summer, though.
Anyway, since I paid 10$ for each service on this promotion, I feel like I didn't get enough eyeballs for my money. And only 2 people added An Empire Of Traitors to their "to-read" list on Goodreads.

The very low freebie downloads these two months & even fewer paid downloads for A Heretical Divide alongside other personal problems have hindered my productivity in drafting the 3rd book in the OHAL series. In spite of that, everything is coming together, and my ideas are several steps ahead of the actual writing which is always a good thing.

Conclusion. Will I be purchasing more of these promo gigs in the future? Probably not. If all I'm doing is paying to have strangers download & not read my work, then it's surely NOT an investment at all, but a complete loss. And I have to consider all my efforts so far in doing ebook promos as such (net failures), simply because I have yet to see reviews. Nobody said "Hey, nice read," or "OMG, don't bother with this". The reviews I managed to obtain were through e-begging. Let's call it what it is. "Hey, I see you like to read fantasy books. Would you read my free book and leave a review? Thanks". If you're an indie, you know how LONG backlogs are for review bloggers.

Anyway, enough with the whining. Getting people to take a chance on you (actually read you) is hard work. I swear, the bulk of my paid downloads don't come from any ebook promotions, but from connecting with people via social media (forums, blogs, twitter (I don't have Facebook)). In my case, connecting with people interested in politics and explaining to them money mechanics (fiscal ops, monetary ops, and banking) & double-entry bookkeeping. I've converted many a deficit hawk & dove into deficit owls. I want to thank everyone who supported me thus far, it means a lot. Hopefully, the future will be brighter for us all. Peace out.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Sanders spews the same mainstream bullshit on macro

Sanders talks as if he has two balls in his mouth, and he's talking the usual deficit dove bullshit.
Dear #leftists, by saying "Make the rich pay for it" you're perpetuating the same zombie economic theology preached by the right. By saying that you're validating the bullshit lies spewed by Ayn Rand.
If he gets the presidency, he's gonna be a deception just like Obama was. The main difference being, in my opinion, on foreign policy, cause the Obama presidency is bound to be less hawkish than that of Sanders, who is a zionist & completely defended what Israel did to Palestine in the last rounds of indiscriminate murderous bombings.
Until a popular politician starts explaining to his electorate how fiscal policy really works, the rich won't pay their fair share & average plebeians will still see the 1% as job creators and defend them (without true reason, except that of zombie economic theology preached by both the deficit hawks & doves). Oh, if you want us to make jobs for you, you're gonna have to tax us less and you government must slash public spending. And that kind of idiotic logic the left is not equipped to handle, simply because they don't understand how things work (monetary & fiscal ops + double entry bookkeeping) - and it all descends into petty ideology.

Government levies public obligations on its citizens (fines & taxes) & demands payment only in government currency in order to give value to that currency. Since you can only pay your taxes & fines in gov money, you're willing to work & sell your goods for that currency. Government first announces tax obligations payable only in its currency, then it spends (fiscal debits), then it taxes. And if you want to have dollar bills in your wallet after you've paid your taxes, the government needs to spend more money in the economy than it takes out of it via taxation. You're gonna want fiscal deficits & government debt (net fiscal debits accrued over time). So stop saying that the "rich should pay for health care or social security" & start saying "the rich should pay in order to have socio-economic equality."

Friday, 16 October 2015

Paid Ebook promo services, my experience

I've been experimenting with other ebook promotion gigs out there, trying to get more eyeballs for my Of Hate And Laughter series.

Got burned on freeebooksdaily.net. I paid the fee after the site owner replied that he had my date free & then I never heard back from him & never got my promo. I had to push a claim via PayPal to get my money back, then the bloke replies to me about a week or two after that & apologized & promised he would do my promo for free, which he didn't. Anyway, stay clear from this site & don't confuse it with freeebooksdaily.com which is legit & costs only 3 bucks. Freebookshub.com is also not worth it. I paid 10 dollars and only got 12 or so freebie downloads. I had a good experience from EbookSoda for only 10 bucks (100+ freebie downloads of An Empire Of Traitors), and now I've scheduled 3 promos for the 24th of this month with Ebooks Habit, ItsWriteNow, and the Fussy Librarian. Using similarweb.com I found that BKnights (only on Fiverr) really suffered a downfall in their visits & email responses. My last promo with them on September gave me half of the regular freebie downloads I get from them (1/2 out of 160+). BKnights/DBS have a cool business policy, they're very open and responsive & they do offer refunds if satisfaction is not met. Hope their traffic will improve for the holidays and into the new year.

As a great tip, don't rush to throw your money away on ebook promotion sites. From my experience, look at any promotion above 10-15 dollars with a LARGE grain of salt. And always type in the site's main URL into similarweb.com to see visits, bounce rate, ranking, and email & social media traffic sources for the respective site. What I personally do is multiply the visits with email traffic percentage then divide by 100 to see a figure closer to reality (approximation of active members) vis-a-vis so-called email blasts & newsletters. Note: make sure to include the www. into the search field, otherwise chances are the site won't recognize the address.

I will update this blog entry once I've seen the results of EbooksHabit, Fussy Librarian, and ItsWriteNow.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Abba Lerner was born in Basarabia, I did not know this

Abba Ptachya Lerner (October 28, 1903 – October 27, 1982) was an American economist.

Lerner was born on October 28, 1903 in Bessarabia (Russian Empire). He grew up in a Jewish family, which emigrated to Great Britain when Lerner was three years old. Lerner grew up in the London East End. From the age of sixteen he worked as a machinist, a teacher in Hebrew schools, and as a businessman. He entered the London School of Economics in 1929 where he would study under Friedrich Hayek. A six-month stay at Cambridge in 1934–1935 brought him into contact with John Maynard Keynes. Lerner married Alice Sendak in 1930; they had twin children, Marion and Lionel, in 1932.

In 1937, Lerner emigrated to the United States. While in the US, Lerner befriended his intellectual opponents Milton Friedman and Barry Goldwater.


The use of fiscal policy and monetary policy as the twin tools of Keynesian economics is credited to Lerner by historians such as David Colander.
The Lerner symmetry theorem states that an import tariff can have the same effects as an export tax.
The Lerner Index measures potential monopoly power as the negative inverse of demand elasticity.
Lerner improved a formula of Alfred Marshall, which is known since as the Marshall–Lerner condition.
Lerner developed a model of market socialism, which differed form the pure planned economy. It became known as the Third Way. By the 1960s Lerner began to distance himself from his early work on socialism.
Lerner improved the calculations made by Wilhelm Launhardt on the effect of terms of trade.
Lerner developed the concept of distributive efficiency, which shows that economic equality will produce the greatest total happiness with a given amount of wealth.
Lerner contributed to the Lange-Lerner-Taylor theorem.
Based on effective demand principle and chartalism, Lerner developed functional finance, a theory of purposeful financing (and funding) to meet explicit goals, including full employment, no taxation designed solely to fund expenditure or finance investment, and low inflation.
Lerner (1951, Ch. 14) developed the concept of the NAIRU (before Friedman and Phelps). He termed it "low full employment" and contrasted it the "high full employment," the maximum employment achievable by implementing functional finance.
The Lerner-Samuelson theorem goes back to Lerner.

"What eventually became known as textbook Keynesian policies were in many ways Lerner’s interpretations of Keynes's policies, especially those expounded in The Economics of Control (1944) and later in The Economics of Employment (1951). . . . Textbook expositions of Keynesian policy naturally gravitated to the black and white 'Lernerian' policy of Functional Finance rather than the grayer Keynesian policies. Thus, the vision that monetary and fiscal policy should be used as a balance wheel, which forms a key element in the textbook policy revolution, deserves to be called Lernerian rather than Keynesian." (Colander 1984, p. 1573)

Colander, David (December 1984), "Was Keynes a Keynesian or a Lernerian?", Journal of Economic Literature 22: 1571–79, argues for the influence of Lerner's interpretation Keynes in "textbook" Keynesianism.

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Gun nuts love their toys more than they do logic

Believing that easier access to guns leads to less violence/crime is like believing less access to birth control leads to fewer abortions. #Gunsense

Friday, 2 October 2015

"Government must never intervene in the market"

Stupid-man: "Did you see the Steel works up North is closing due to being broke? Up to 2,000 jobs going!" Reasonable-man: "Yes... Disgusting." Stupid-man: "Well it's just simple economics really. It's now become cheaper to import steel from China, so that's all there is to it!" Reasonable-man: "(looking at him like he's a bonehead!) Are you being fucking serious? So if it's cheaper to import beef, shall we fuck all our own farmers off to be idle or work at 'ready ready car washing?' Stupid-man: "That's different, this is market forces proper producing of goods." Reasonable-man: "Look, pal, you have no idea what you are talking about. This shit house government should be supporting that industry through the rocky times. Unemployment is already sky high up there!" Stupid-man: "Governments should never intervene in the market." Reasonable-man: "Now I know you are full of shit! Tell that to the banks they had to bail out! And by the way; the reason imports from China are cheaper is because they devalued their currency. Who do you think did that numb nuts? I suppose that was the free market was it?" Stupid-man: "Yes but that was done to help their economy." Reasonable-man: "So saving 2000 jobs isn't helping our economy? Have you thought about what happens when the price of Chinese steel goes back up? Like many examples of other imported goods in the past..

Conclusion: It's ok when the Chinese government intervenes in the market to devalue its currency in order to create new jobs for itself (the country) while destroying those jobs in other countries - and when the market changes you won't have your domestic industries anymore, which you've shut down because they weren't any longer competitive but now they could have been (since the market turned), but all the machinery has been sold for scrap. The land doesn't hold manufacturing plants anymore, only malls & mini malls. LoL. Nice way of defending one's self interest. Next time the guy's broke and goes to collect his welfare check, which he fucking will, tell him - sorry, your poverty is the result of market forces and government mustn't intervene with market forces. Naturally, they'll always try to scapegoat government for absolutely EVERYTHING, and the market for absolutely NOTHING.