Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Kinetic wind sculptures, got to love these...

Super troll right winger Jesse Lee Peterson vs ignorant BLM activists

The bloke has a Moses complex & he's full of shit. It's not "your people", because nobody designated you to speak for them. A white man talking about white power DOESN'T represent white people everywhere. Individuals are individuals. Once you start aggregating individuals & start personalizing those aggregates, you run into all kinds of problems - which naturally stem from flawed reasoning.
As for the host saying "so-called racism" as if racism is a fairy tale or an antiquated concept no longer employed by a great majority of people, in one way or another, to one extent or another - that's just a lame goading tactic at best, and stark ignorance at worst. And instead of sticking to combating his arguments (ultimately, that's how a debate is won, not with paralogisms or sophistry), the girl asks him what nationality he is. LoL. She suspects he's a white man in disguise. :))) As if all whites are the same (aka devils). And by all the gods, her personal discrimination story is so laughable. She herself admits it wasn't discrimination, and that she quit because she didn't feel "herself" at work. Why? Because the employer has a code of how employees can wear their hair? Geez, someone call the black & gothic metal gals & guys - they're discriminated as hell in America.
If you truly want to be fair, you judge people based on their merit, not based on favor or prejudice. If you want to address racism, attack deeds, not people's choice of language. Attack inequitable legislation & the think thanks & politicians who push for it, not the right to free speech. Indulge variety over prejudice, regardless of how justified your aversion might be to the notions uttered and to the people who utter them. There are better ways to deal with Post-Traumatic Slavery Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome. The real problem in the US threatening people indiscriminately of their skin color is feudalism. Just look at income inequality, it's all the data - and the trend started with Reagan in the US, and with Thatcher in the UK.
The easy & fallacious way to deal with dissent is to label it with a bad word. For example, if someone criticizes the Israeli government's policies - they're either labeled as self-hating jew (if the dissenter is jewish), or an anti-semite (if he's non-jewish). If Peterson was white, I guarantee you they'd all be yelling racist & racism up and down. Well done SJWs, political correctness, and George Soros, well done in giving the left a bad name; it wasn't enough that the international left sold out 50 years ago...
PS: Beginning with 13:22 the girl tries really hard to abstain from doing a full-fledged yawn. :)))
And mega lol at the end, "You're traumatizing her." EPIC! FAIL!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Understanding money, a reply to a response :))

Someone in the Ars-Regendi forums had this to say in regard to the former entry's article, the one that dealt with Landau's fable.

The person states:

Yes, this is good argument in support of the complete abolishment of money.

My reply is this:

Your conclusion is a non-sequitur.
The money is the convention. The money is the IOU. A promise made & unfulfilled we call a debt. The loan appears on someone's ledger (denominated in something), after a good or service has been taken by the debtor (the one who makes the promise). By denominating it in money (in this case, a Gov's unit of account), rather than in a commodity or a particular favor, we overcome the limitations of barter in the narrow & broader society/economy. Someone's promise is money, but his promise (his IOU) is money of a lower hierarchy. The Government's unit of account becomes the universally accepted unit of account within the territory which it governs because everyone owes financial obligations to the state, extinguishable only in Gov currency. And the Government's money things (banknotes, coins, reserves, securities) sit at the top of that hierarchy.

Ludwik Landau's fable, understood by too few & it's brilliant

In an impoverished Jewish shtetl in Eastern Poland, whose residents were mired in debt and living on credit, a wealthy and pious Jew arrived one day and checked into the local inn, taking care to pay his hotel bill in advance. On Friday, to avoid breaking the Sabbath injunction against carrying money, he handed over to the inn-keeper for safe-keeping a $100 note. Early on Sunday, the wealthy and pious Jew left the inn before the inn-keeper had had a chance to return the banknote.

After a few days, the inn-keeper decided that the wealthy Jew was not going to return. So he took the $100 note and used it to clear his debt with the local butcher. The butcher was delighted and gave the note for safe-keeping to his wife. She used it to clear her debts with a local seamstress who made up dresses for her. The seamstress was delighted, and took the money to repay her rent arrears with her landlord. The landlord was pleased to get his rent at last and gave the money to pay his mistress, who had been giving him her favours without any return for far too long. The mistress was pleased because she could now use the note to clear off her debt at the local inn where she occasionally rented rooms.

So it was that the bank-note finally returned to the inn-keeper. Although no new trade or production had occurred, nor any income been created, the debts in the shtetl had been cleared, and everyone looked forward to the future with renewed optimism.

A couple of weeks later, the wealthy and pious Jew returned to the inn, and the inn-keeper was able to return to him his $100 note. To his amazement and dismay, the wealthy Jew took the note, set fire to it, and used it to light his cigarette. On seeing the inn-keeper's dismay the wealthy Jew laughed and told him that the banknote was forged anyway.
Read more about it here http://nakedkeynesianism.blogspot.ro/2016/04/kaleckis-fable.html 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Muslim Flight Attendant Refuses To Serve Alcohol

Remember the movie Gung Ho? When the american workers were complaining to the japanese managers why they weren't put in their old positions, doing the stuff they knew & were used to? The japanese manager's motive is: "Every man learns every job, then we are a team." This principle is simple & proven. If everyone knows how to do all the jobs, then if a worker becomes impaired in his position - the others can jump in and they'll know how to handle it. Of course, in this case, she knew how to serve a bloody drink - she just refused to because she cares more about a literal interpretation of her religion, rather than being flexible about the context she's in. Human resources should have thought of that before they hired her. It's entirely their fault for being so short-sighted, that they couldn't envision such a scenario could occur. Also, like Cenk said - the provider of the workplace DOESN'T have to ensure people can practice their religions. The business place/the workplace is not a fucking place of worship. You should be thinking about you work, your responsibilities, your lunch, and your paycheck; not about theism or non-theism. It's the same reason why a laic/secular government is the equitable option, and not a multi-religious government which hands out subsidies & preferential tax status to all religions.
As for christian bars refusing to serve gays. It's hypocritical, yes. But I reckon bars of other religions practice this kind of bigotry too. Equally hypocritical & wrong would be for atheist bars to deny service to theists.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Why People HATE Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear

Amber Scott is definitely NOT a true writer. A true writer keeps true to the universe, to the lore, to the world, to the characters. When you start pouring in your own political ideology into something it becomes a work of propaganda. Baldur's Gate is a work of fiction. It's not a political manifesto. It's not a political platform or party. It's not a political ideology. More so, Amber Scott doesn't care that people may (and for good reason) find her writing as fake or artificial. That shows tremendous disrespect for the universe of Baldur's Gate, just as much as it shows for the fans. At the same time, it also shows disrespect for the LGBT folk; because poor writing for gay or transexual or straight characters shows the superficiality of the writer. Like that review Boogie showed in the vid, nobody blurts out with vehemence about their sexuality - especially in a gratuitous way. Also, the "real world" is not Baldur's Gate. And Baldur's Gate is not the "real world." This is what happens when people take themselves too seriously. Introduce your SJW views in your own game, don't infiltrate them into an already established & beloved IP - and if you are going to do it, at least do it meaningfully & with style (don't moralize to readers). SJW views (or views of any kind) are no excuse for poor writing.

States Banning Travel To Mississippi

This is what happens when you allow the de jure freedom of people to discriminate (based on irrational precepts). This door swings both ways, as Mississippi is finding out after the fact.