Tuesday, 7 February 2017

This is what actual (representative) democracy looks like

If you're willing to throw and receive a punch and a kick, then I'd vote for ya.


  1. That's just how the US influence there is going to be pushed away, unluckily for Trump, but he might be dumb enough and decide to intervene and get his troops out.

    1. US bureaucracy is on auto-pilot.
      Trump is hugely unpopular. He is not a military man himself. The rent seekers prefer their puppets to be slick, not loud. The US has a strong history as an oligarchy, not of despotism. It doesn't have the customs of proscription and coups (albeit it loves to support those things in its foreign policy). Trump's legacy will consist in making neoliberalism great again. The real long-term issue is that the traitorous dems, just like the traitorous laborites, will get back into office to pull the same old bullshit. The left needs to propose radical economic policies in order to be taken seriously by its dispossessed electorate. At least, that's what I think.